Michelle Williams

4th Grade



Welcome 4th Grade Superheroes!!!!!!!
I hope everyone is staying safe.
Please see the folders below for useful items to use while we are out of the classroom.

Word Study- There will be new words each week for word study practice.  You can do any of the following activites: Define the words, write them three times each, pyramid, bubble letters, pictures, write a story, sentences, rainbow words, hangman, gnilleps (writing backwards), etc.

Math -
**NEW Weekly assignments.  Long onto CANVAS (Starting May 4)

Language Arts -
There is a folder labeled Reading Logs.  These are the same we did each quarter for homework.
**NEW Weekly assignments.  Log onto CANVAS. (Starting May 4)

VA Studies/Science -**NEW Weekly assignments.  Log onto CANVAS. (Starting May 4)

Learning Schedule

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday
 Language Arts Math Science VA Studies PE
Art Guidance Office Hour 10-11 Library Music

***SIGNET STUDENTS***   Mr. Sarlo has added his lessons to Teams. All of his students have been sent an email through their Office 365 Accounts. If you have any questions, please contact him at sarloam@pwcs.edu. Link to webpage: https://kinges.pwcs.edu/class_pages/specialists/anthony_sarlo